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Polar polls dramatically increase contributors, time spent, and more on Web sites and mobile apps. Check out some examples...

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Simple, Yet Powerful

Polar polls are unabashedly easy to use but give you powerful ways to increase engagement and audiences on your sites and apps.

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Fast & Beautiful Polls

Polar makes it super quick and easy for your audience to tell you what they think. We're a mobile-first mix of photo slideshows, video and lightweight participation —perfect for today's world of instant interactions.

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Highly Engaging Sets

Polar sets are easy-to-assemble collections of related polls. Create sets to dramatically increase engagement on your sites and apps.

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Instantly Flexible

Ask any question you like and we'll take care of the rest. Polar adapts to look great whether you're asking your audience to pick between two or more options.

Instantly Flexible

For Mobile & Much More

Polar is designed to fit your site —no matter where it's seen. On mobile, desktop, and beyond we provide your audience with a simple, instant way to share their opinion. Check out how Polar runs on different devices.

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Go Beyond Forms

Filling in forms is a pain —especially on mobile. Don't count on radio buttons, checkboxes, or text fields to drive engagement on your sites. Polar makes participation visual and fun.

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Add To Your Sites & Apps

Every site is different so we've got a few different ways to add Polar to yours. Each one allows you to get up and running with Polar in minutes.

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Customize To Fit Your Style

Your audience loves your style. That's why Polar polls can be quickly customized with fonts, colors, and more to feel right at home on your sites and apps.

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Or Share Through Social Media

Polar polls don't just work on your sites and apps, they're a perfect fit with Twitter, Facebook, and more.

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We've rethought polls for today's mobile world: fast, visual, and optimized for smartphones, tablets, PCs, and more. Easily increase audience engagement today.

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